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Grow Fresh Air

Originally called 'Tillandsia' and nicknamed 'Air Plants' as they thrive off the nutrients from air around them. These easy-care and low maintenance plants are your best companion at home, school or office

Image by Bérénice Blanc

Living Art

A Japanese art form to grow a miniature of a tree in pots. These trees live long enough, sometimes longer than a person can live. Growing bonsais incurs a sense of beauty, patience and good care 

Image by Georgia de Lotz

Looking Sharp

Cactus are commonly grown easy-care houseplant that can survive in warm and dry condition. It grows where other plant fails to survive - a rare combination of toughness and gentleness. 

Image by Scott Webb

suc CUTE lent

These amazing plants come in a thousand shapes and sizes are not only capable of thriving in harsh and dry climates but also easy to grow both indoors and outdoors in a well-lit area.

Image by Davide Sacchet

Tropical Vibes

Ferns are a million years old species that commonly grows within the tropical rain forests. These non-flowering plants are largely pet-friendly and growing a very few of them around, provides a dense and tropical look to your space.

Image by Ren Ran

Stunning Foliages

These are foliage plant with interesting and decorative leaves. They can help create a colourful garden space with different shades and patterned leaves. Known to one of the best collection to style your indoor space.

Image by Conscious Design


They derive their nutrients by trapping and killing the insects. They are known to be grown in humid places with poor soil nutrients are nowadays well-known to be a iconic houseplant.

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provide convenient and efficient ways to water your plants. Working through capillary action allows maintaining the consistent water level in the soil


comes in various colours and sizes that fits most of the plants perfectly without needing to repot the plant entirely


Our collection of glazed ceramic and metal Designer Planters are a stylish addition to your garden space. Choose the wackiest pot and make your place look beautiful