It is mentioned in several researches that being in a plant filled environment can reduce your stress level to great extent as nature is linked to positive mental wellbeing. But, in today’s life style and with the speed of urbanisation, owning a quarter acre is far from reality. This simple idea is the seed for La Plant!

La Plant is a home based online plant décor store which aims in connecting nature to every concrete room.

Now you need not worry about rushing your 9-5 job to just reach a nearby plant store and find it closed. Like seriously??? So now we have made it easy for you - whether it is a weekday or a weekend all you got to do it select your favourite plants and we will deliver it to you at your doorstep just like pizzas. All across Melbourne.

Every plant at ‘La Plant’ comes with simple instructions for plant care and if at all you have any notorious plants around, which needs extra care feel free to get direct access to our team of plant experts at laplantaustralia@gmail.com

Our goal is to make you have the best plant experience!