Halloween Special

Halloween is one of the festivals where people plan for days to celebrate in a best way. This year, if you are looking for an innovative idea to decorate or to theme your space then here you go…

Get some carnivorous plants

Yes! You saw it right. There are plants which survives on insects and flesh.

Just kidding, they won’t eat you up but feed on insects.

Here are some of the collection at La Plant.

So, ’La Plant’ is a home based plant store where you can get plants at a very competitive price or why not say the lowest price in Melbourne??



VENUS FLY TRAP (Dionaea muscipula)

Venus flytrap is a perfect Halloween plant. Pick your favourite container, plant some Venus fly traps, add some spooky popping eyeballs and you will really set the Halloween vibes.

What after Halloween??

When the haunted holiday is over, the popping eyeballs can come out making it a perfect sun loving indoor plant.

This indoor plant definitely catches the attention of many, especially the kids. So drop some live insect on the plant’s open mouth and gain some limelight ;)


PITCHER PLANT (Sarracenia)

The Pitcher plant have an elongated funnel like structure with a fragile umbrella like lid on the top. But don’t judge the plant by its look as looks are often deceptive.

These plants are like a mysterious motel. The insects get to check in but they never checking out. They are the perfect insect trap.

Pair the Pitcher plant with the Spanish moss giving it a tangled cobweb look to make it a perfect halloween decor.

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