Tillandsia Bulbosa

Tillandsia Bulbosa


Looking for a plant is the least maintenance? Here you go! Air Plants grow without being rooted in soil. This plant is characterised by its silvery grey leaves that form a rhythmic patterns. It measures approximately 5-6" in diameter. They require bright, indirect light and water weekly. All air plants are pet-friendly.




BRIGHTNESS - The air plant needs a bright and indirect light, with 10 hours of light a day at a minimum.

WATERING - It loves the occasional misting, a water dip once a month for fifteen minutes. But thrives with a 15 minute soak once every other week. In the winter time you can soak less frequently.

FEEDING - This species need a fertiliser that can be absorbed directly in to the plant via the leaves and use Bromeliad fertiliser twice a month is recommended.