Polaskia Chichipe Cactus-Large

Polaskia Chichipe Cactus-Large

Cactus, the prickly friend is relatively easy to grow. They can tolerate neglect but thrives when given good care. These plants are well-adapted to the dry conditions found in the home. All they require is a bright spot, occasional watering and a tight hug! It comes in 150mm nursery pot.


BRIGHTNESS - For indoor-dwelling cacti, place it in a bright spot, like a window sill. Give it as much sun and fresh air as you can and remember, all indoor cacti benefit from a holiday outdoors.

WATERING - The thumb rule of growing a cacti is to let the soil dry out completely before watering it again. When watering, give the soil a good soaking, so that water runs out of the drainage holes. In winter, cacti take a nap. During this time, water less often and again, let the soil dry out between watering.

FEED - To encourage growth, in spring and summer feed your cactus regularly with a balanced fertiliser each time you water it.

REPOTTING - Repot a cacti when you see roots coming out the bottom of the container. The soil must be well-draining. You can buy special cactus potting mix or create your own mix of coarse sand, crushed sandstone, fine gravel and compost or coir peat. Top the soil with gravel to keep its collar dry.