Nepenthes Pitcher Plant
Nepenthes Pitcher Plant

Nepenthes Pitcher Plant

The Pitcher plant is characterised by pitcher-shaped leaves that form a passive pitfall trap for the insects. They are mysterious motel where the insects get to check in but never check out. They do well in bright light, watered regularly and prefer to be kept permanently wet.

This houseplant is pet-friendly!


  • BRIGHTNESS-Place the plant in the brightest spot you have.
  • WATERING- You can quite easily leave it sitting in an inch of water in a drip tray from time to time.
  • FEED- The pitcher plant are experts at dealing with nutrient poor situations and this is why they've evolved to capture insects. 
  • REPOTTING- Repot a pitcher plant into a bigger pot unless the container is very small. As a base guide, consider potting on once every 2 to 3 years and this is primarily to refresh the growing medium to ensure it holds water correctly and removes any build-up of minerals.