Pilea Peperomoides Chinese Money Plant

Pilea Peperomoides Chinese Money Plant

Pilea Peperomioides are also known as the Chinese money plant with coin-shaped leaves. They do well in medium to bright light, with weekly waterings. This houseplant is pet-friendly! It comes in 130 mm nursery pot.


BRIGHTNESS - They like bright light, but no direct sun.

WATERING - Pilea Peperomioides are a succulent-like plant, and appreciate quick draining soil. Remembering to not over-water!

FEED - When your Pilea Peperomioides is actively growing you can use a half strength fertilizer. Follow the instructions on the bottle. They are not heavy feeders

REPOTTING - Pilea Perperomioides do have really small root systems though, so don’t worry, it’s highly unlikely to ever be root bound when in a small pot. it is best to re-pot during spring/warmer days, do not over-pot these plants. If you are repotting, go up just one/two sizes.